An unbelievable five days of fun skydiving over the beautiful landscape of Tully, the wettest place in Australia. Why unbelievable?.. well the weather was blueskys spatted with cumulus clouds.

Yep that’s me, center top photo with the white helmet and black/red jumpsuit. Ten of us excited the Caravan for Wade (Wadedricks) 1000 jump, not a bad feat for a skydiver. Also thanks to BJ for this brilliant photo.

The second photograph is captured with my Nikon D200 and 10.5mm fisheye lens mounted on top of my camera helmet. I have a shutter release cable that runs from the camera to my mount which is held in between my teeth and fired off using my tongue. Oh yes a bit about the photo, this was Vickys Starcrest (learning to jump with eight of more people), everyone made it in by 8,000 feet which was great for me, I had plenty of time to zoom around looking for different angles, here I’m only three meters away.